Sakai Takayuki Shikisai INOX Japanese Chef's Yanagiba Knife (Sashimi) 300mm Kincha with Saya Sheath VS Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Hammered Japanese Chef's Kiritsuke-Yanagiba Knife (Sashimi) 270mm

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Japanese food is always famed for its delicacy and the contrast of exotic flavors that comes along surprisingly – what most diners don’t know, is that the reason behind its success not only features the flavors of satisfaction it provides.

Apart from the existence of delicious, mouth-watering pieces of Salmon slices elegantly spread on a Zen-styled Japanese bamboo plate, there are other essential components which pushes forward the popularity and the love diners have for Japanese cuisine. The overall satisfaction diners have towards Japanese cuisine may mostly come from the subtle, delicate flavors of Salmon pieces topped on cooked, Japanese rice mixed with the unique combinations of vinegar, sugar, and salt.

However, what truly intrigues gourmets from various parts of the globe is the mastery of the knife utilization skills Japanese chefs and professionals perform in the creation and crafting of the renowned Japanese delicacies – sushi and sashimi dishes.

It is always a must for Japanese professional chefs and culinary experts to look for high-quality, premium-grade cutleries and equipment needed in the kitchen. Specifically, to ease challenging processes and perform traditional techniques to accurately slice fish and poultry into desired pieces, shapes, and forms, highly efficient Japanese knives are definitely a must for all chefs and cooks. As there are numerous kinds of Japanese knives crafted and forged professionally by highly-skilled craftsmen and blacksmiths, Japanese food chefs and culinary professionals are always in the search for superb-quality, fine selections of Japanese knives to have in possession.

There are huge collections of Japanese knives forged to professionally perform the authentic, Japanese traditional blade techniques in order to ensure Salmon slices, pieces of fresh Sea Bass, and fresh veggies are to be cut in desired ways. With this, there are only a few Japanese knife brands that are famed for excellent quality, durability, efficiency, high-performance, and resistance to rust and stains. Among the top, supreme-quality Japanese knife brands, Sakai Takayuki tops the international charts for having the best collections and series of superb-quality Japanese knife varieties that are all forged by professional craftsmen and a crew of blacksmiths.

With its long-cultivated history of over 600 years, Sakai Takayuki is famous for its unique blade designs that come along with unbelievably hard blade steels and blade durability – making Sakai Takayuki a top, international Japanese knife brand for the crafting of delicious, elegant-looking Japanese delicacies. The following are two of the top Yanagiba knife series forged by Sakai Takayuki and are most-loved for highest quality, blade durability, unique designs, efficiency, and excellent blade performance.

Sakai Takayuki Shikisai INOX Japanese Chef’s Yanagiba Knife (Sashimi) 300mm Kincha with Saya Sheath

Sakai Takayuki Shikisai INOX Japanese Chef’s Yanagiba Knife (Sashimi) 300mm Kincha with Saya Sheath is definitely among one of Sakai’s top Yanagiba knife models. With its INOX stainless steel AUS8A- made in Japan steel, this Yanagiba knife guarantees users with extreme blade sharpness and excellent rust as well as stain resistance.

The durability of this blade is over the charts, as it is forged through the traditional Japanese blade-forging technology. Its unique D-shaped Magnolia wood handle also proves it to be among the best Yanagiba knife models for beginners and even professionals.

Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Hammered Japanese Chef’s Kiritsuke-Yanagiba Knife (Sashimi) 270mm

Another great Yanagiba knife from Sakai Takayuki is no other than ‘Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Hammered Japanese Chef’s Kiritsuke-Yanagiba Knife (Sashimi) 270mm’. Crafted out of the 33-layer VG10 Damascus steel, this knife has an extremely sharp knife edge that comes along with excellent blade hardness of HRC 60.

Its great edge retention and a light center feel also makes it among the top 10 quality Yanagiba knife models.